Apartments are located in central part of Petrovac, close to main city beach. Distance to the beach is about 300 meters, 4 min by walk.

The house is surrounded by olive trees, not noisy buildings, your peace and comfort are guaranteed.
A good restaurant is in the neighborhood, as well as supermarket (VOLI), green market, post office, rent a car, beach and the sea also, all you need for a nice holiday is near.

The road from the beach is not flat, part of the road is uphill, but nothing too hard to handle. Being so close to the center and to the beach, but far enough from noisy cafés in the center, makes our place ideal for a true peaceful rest.

Our apartments are just next to remaining of ancient roman villa, where roman mosaic is pretty well-preserved. Even old Romans knew that this is a perfect spot for a pleasant rest… 🙂

You will find these remainings worth visiting for sure, as well as church Svetog Tome (Saint Toma’s) which is also next to our house, or church Sveti Ilija (Saint Ilija) which is on the way to a beach.